The Sun Is Shinning

The Sun Is Shinning


It’s summertime, the sun is finally out after what can only be described as the wettest winter and spring on record!  We all know the sun instantly changes your mood, it possesses the feel-good factor and it draws people out of hibernation chasing that vitamin D hit and the positive feelings, the sun just makes everything feel better.


So what else tends to come with the summer and sunshine? It’s socialising, BBQ’s, weddings, pub gardens, street parties (because after all it is the royal wedding in a couple of weeks) and of course holidays!  With all these factors to think about you mustn’t forget about your hair, not only do you want your hair to look good while you socialise your way through the summer, you want your hair to feel good too.


Unfortunately, as we finally enjoy this beautiful weather our hair and scalp can really suffer, the sun can cause all sorts of havoc, not just drying them out it can fade your colour too.  But don’t worry, here at Hair by Heidi’s we have a fantastic range of products that will help keep your hair colour and condition going for longer while you sit back and enjoy the summer!


In salon we use the fantastic System Professional range by Wella and we really recommend using treatments as a great way of keeping up the condition of your hair and scalp with this ever-changing weather.  Some great products to try are the Hydrate shampoo along with the balance mask, these will help lock moisture into your hair as well as keeping your scalp moisturised, no more dry and flaky scalp, yay!  You could also try the Colour Save Shampoo and Colour Save Conditioner to help lock in your colour and let’s not forget Luxe Keratin Protect Shampoo, Luxe Keratin Protect Conditioner, and Luxe Reconstructive Elixir, these are great for adding moisture to your hair especially if it’s very thick and dry.  Use these alongside System Professionals great range of styling products and your hair and scalp really will be left with that feel-good factor.


Happy Summer!


The HBH Team xx

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